Education programs are intergenerational when they involve intergenerationally-shared sites, support multi-generational engagement opportunities, promote partnerships, facilitate the publication of intergenerational educational materials or sponsor conferences and trainings which directly improve the lives of children, youth and older adults within a collective, multi-generational framework.

“Full of Life: Generating Success – Intergenerational Activities for Schools”, United Kingdom

Resource List: Senior Citizens and Schools, National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities

Intergenerational Programs & Aging, College of Agricultural Sciences, Pennsylvania State University
“This Web site focuses on educational programs and practices
that strengthen intergenerational relationships and competencies
in children, youth, older adults, and families.”

Grandparents Day Activity Kit – background and how-to’s

The Intergenerational Schools, Cleveland, Ohio (TIS)
a school that incorporates older adult mentors into the educational structureIntergenerational Programming and Partnerships
describes specific programs at TIS involving the older adults

National Academy for Teaching and Learning about Aging: Lesson plans, curriculum guides, films, children’s books, classroom activities

Time Out Respite Program, college students provide a break to family caregivers

Project Shine, a national immigrant integration initiative that helps college students, older adult volunteers, and immigrant elders connect and contribute to their communities

Twilight Wish, students grant wishes of nursing home residents, including learning about the seniors and finding out what their wishes are, fund raising, and then providing the wishes at a celebration event

School-Based Intergenerational Programs, a review of programs internationally and recommendations by Michael S. Kaplan, Ph.D. for UNESCO Institute for Education